Wise Way Wellness Center
Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork is a blending of Therapeutic Massage with intuitive Presence Work of body, mind, spirit communication.  As Presence is
held, information and divine intelligence arise offering self-awareness.  The release of patterns and armoring are supported through non-judgemental compassionate touch.  Integration of all parts of self is the experience of wholeness.  "Explore your body-mind felt sense.  It is the direct gateway to knowing and aligning with who you are and why you are here.  You cannot know your purpose through the way you think - only by how you feel."

This dynamic and sacred work may further be enhanced by Reiki, energy work and aromatherapy.  Herbal medicine guidance and spiritual healing practices may be offered for support and integration into your daily life. This powerful transforming Presence Work can be done by phone as well.

Bodywork treatments are done on a massage table that utilizes the healing technology of an Amethyst Biomat.  It is a comfortable mat filled with crushed amethyst crystals through which far infrared rays and negative ions are conducted through.  Far infrared rays are a powerful detoxifier, healer, and reliever of pain and stress.  Negative ions are abundantly found at the ocean, in lush forests and waterfalls, not only providing us energy and vitality, but also alkalizing and purifying the blood, thus neutralizing free radicals.