Wise Way Wellness Center
Solar Geodesic Grow Dome

Come visit our 33' geodesic solar Grow Dome greenhouse at Wise Way Wellness Center in Thornton NH where we grow a variety of greens, vegetables, fruits and herbs year round without electricity or fuel.  Its innovative alternative heating system uses solar energy and thermal mass to temper the environment so that year round gardening is possible.  Its geodesic design is a beautiful structure made of interconnected triangles and is nature's strongest shape.  As Sales Associates for these unique Grow Dome Kits, we can help you select the right size for your needs, ranging in sizes:  18', 22', 26' 33', 42'.

A unique combination of seven features make the Grow Dome the most energy efficient greenhouse on the market today:

Geodesic Shape...   The attractive and functional dome structure handles wind and snow loads effortlessly, even in the Rockies.  A Dome is the strongest and most energy efficient greenhouse design available today.

Polycarbonate Glazing...   The super-tough insulated glazing resists breakdown by ultraviolet and even harsh weather impacts like hail.  You and your plants will love the soft diffused light inside.

Thermal Storage...   A unique climate-control system featuring water mass that effectively moderates temperature extremes and provides a more comfortable atmosphere throughout the seasons.  This practical and innovative feature even makes raising fish or aquatic plants possible.

North-wall Insulation...   This space-age material reflects heat in the summer, yet functions like a blanket in the winter, providing an insulating barrier from the cold.  Your garden also benefits from the light this material reflects back down on your plants.

Automatic Ventiliation...   Solar-operated windows respond effectively to the temperature throughout the days and nights, without your presence.

Under-soil Heating System...   A solar powered heating system directs the heat from the dome right back under your garden beds, which promotes healthy plant growth to nurture you and your family.

Perimeter Insulation...   This extra protection prevents frost penetration and heat loss, so even through the long winter months your plants will maintain steady growth and production.

Your perfect Sancuary will feed your Spirit as you joyfully harvest bountiful baskets of healthy, nutritious produce.